European Baby milk powder from Germany

In close cooperation with one of our partners we have been granted the opportunity to offer you various kinds of baby milk powder. We can provide the four basic formula’s used for infants up to the age of 24 months.

Type of milk powder Age
Pre 0 up to 6 months
1 0 up to 8 months
2 8 up to 12 months
3 12 up to 24 months

Besides these four basic formula’s, there is also a formula available that is suitable for infants with lactose intolerance.

BabymilkpowderThe baby milk powder is produced in factories in Germany according to the highest standards possible. Currently the formula is approved for Europe and complies with the National Standards on Food Safety of P.R. China GB 10765-2010 [1-3], but the formula and packaging can easily be adapted, if required, to comply with the specific rules and regulations of your country.

We are looking for serious partners that feel comfortable starting the necessary certification and validation processes required to be granted approval for import of the baby milk powder in your country. Furthermore we are looking for partners that are willing to sign a contract for a longer period of time. In return you will receive exclusivity for the specific formula for your country/area and continues, guaranteed, supply of the agreed quantity for the agreed period of time.

For more details and information you are requested to contact us.