Special stocklot products

Sometimes we receive offers from suppliers for products that are available for only once.

Stocklots PVC Stretch Foil

This decorative vinyl film is manufactured for stretch ceilings and wall designs purposes.
Our stretch ceiling films provide simple and attractive means to create stylish living and working areas in entrance halls, meeting rooms and sales premises, for example.

Stocklots HDPE foil - one side silicon

We have 15.450 KG (nett weight) in stock, this is first choice quality.
Widths are 105 and 122 cm. Color is white.

Stocklots Decorative Fabrics

An interesting assortment of decorative fabrics for florists, garden centres, packaging industry, handycraft, etc.

Current stock:
- Knitted decorations: 2 tons
- Vlies non-woven decorations: 80 tons
- Jute : 16 tons

Stocklots Rubber flipflops/slippers

The rubber flipsflops/slippers are made of German rubber material.
We have about 9.000 pairs of slippers for men and women in different sizes in stock.
Men EU sizes: 38 - 48
Women EU sizes: 35 - 42

Stocklots Insert soles for Shoes

Jumbo rolls material insert soles for shoe industry.
Width: 160 cm, GSM: ±360

Stocklots PVC Protection Tape for Automotive industry

Specifically designed to provide very high performance bonding, fixing and mounting of several parts.
Product is originally produced for the automotive industry but is has many purposes.
This stock is approximately 30 tons.

Stocklots Kraft Packaging paper

Kraft paper rolls are made from 100 percent recycled material and are perfect for home and office movements.
They are also a must-have for retailers who sell fragile products and send them by mail.

Stocklots Car Flooring

Different kind of textiles for the Automotive industry.
Available in sheets and on rolls.