Stocklot Textiles

The fact that our company is located in Enschede is not entirely a coincidence, until the 1970s, Enschede was a leading city in the European textile industry.
Like many companies in Enschede, the roots of Mepco B.V. lies in the textile industry.


Stocklot Black fabrics

100% polyester fabrics, woven and non-woven. Different categories available. Usable in many industries. For example: shoe, furniture, automotive, etc.

Stocklot Canvas fabrics

Polycotton mix. This material is suitable for digital printing with latex and UV inks. Key applications are canvas on stretcher frames, photos and fine art reproduction.

Stocklots Foam / TPO

Usable for protection, sealing and insulating. Jumbo rolls.

Stocklots Imitation leather

This artificial leather is used for the automotive, fashion and upholstery industry.

Stocklot Polyester Fabrics

Digital printable polyester fabrics. Because it is polyester fabrics, this material has of course many other purposes. Most of this stock is produced for the flag and banner industry. Some of these fabrics have a flame retardant finish.

Stocklots Non-woven Wet tissue

The material is used for wet Tissue and hygiene products, for example facial and hand cleaning. Base material is polyester/viscose.

Stocklot Non-woven fabrics

Different kind of non-woven fabrics for many purposes.
Mostly white, black, grey and blue colors.

Stocklot Flame retardant textiles

Fire-resistant fabrics are often used for concerts, fairs, events and parties. In fact, in most countries it is mandatory to have these textiles in all environments where people come together.