Of course, when products are beeing sold, products have to be bought. For this we are relying on a good network of European suppliers. With most of which we have exclusive agreements and arranged a continuous flow of goods. Because of our ongoing growth we are constantly searching for new suppliers. So why should you, as a potential supplier, consider selling your 2nd choice products and stocks (or maybe even 1st choice goods) to us?

First of all, we are an open and transparent company and we do as we say. We place high value on all our relations, including those with suppliers. Hence we devoted one of our four base principles to our suppliers – Everything we do, say or not do should also be in the best interest of our suppliers. 

Second is that we can guarantee that the products will only be sold outside Europe and we can give proof of this by means of loading pictures, bill of lading and export declarations. In fact, if you tell us in which countries we cannot sell your product, we won’t sell it in those countries.

Third reason for selling your goods to us, is that we are logistically well organized. Depending on the kind of product we can supply (metal) pallets for you to load the products in or on. When the pallets are full, just let us know and we’ll arrange pick-up of the full pallets and delivery of empty ones within 48 hrs. So you won’t have these goods blocking your valuable warehouse space.

Fourth reason is that we have a large network of buyers. So we probably can buy and sell products that might seem scrap or waste for you. So products that cost you money since you have to dispose of them, might get value and maybe even earn you some money (or at least cost you less money). Besides this, we are also developing a growing network for 1st choice products and for that reason we can truly become ‘your gateway to new export markets’

Interested in what we can do with your products? Contact us, and we are more than happy to come and visit you to discuss the possibilities.