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Different industries work closely together, so connections are made easily. Although we are not really specialized in some categories, we come across nice opportunities. For example, we receive different types of paper from manufacturers in self-adhesive products because they use this as a release liner.

Stocklots Silicone Paper

This silicone paper is produced as a release liner to protect the adhesive in various types of tape, label, rubber and sealant products.
But of course silicone papers can be used for many other purposes.

One sided silicone paper
Most common GSM: 120
Most common widths: 1.310 and 1.540 mm
Most common lengths: Between 2.000 and 9.000 meters

Double sided silicone
Most common GSM: 80, 90 and 120
Most common widths: Between 550 and 1.680 mm
Most common lengths: Between 1.100 and 11.500 meters

Havana silicone paper
Most common GSM: 62 GSM
Most common widths: Between 1.500 and 1.650 mm
Most common lengths: Mixed
Quality: One-time-used

A stocklist with exact details of available stock is available on request.

Stocklots Acrylic Paper

Acrylic paper jumbo rolls. The material is one time used in production of rubber sheets. There are three types, with a smooth surface, with a leather relief pattern, and a wood relief pattern

Stocklots Printing Paper

Printing paper jumbo rolls, 2nd choice, sold by TON.

GSM: Most common = 120 to 135 grams p/m²
Width: Mixed
Origin: European Union



Stocklots PVC Flooring

2nd choice PVC commercial flooring packed on roll.
Mostly used in buildings like schools, hospitals, super markets, hotels, airports, kindergartens, etc.


If you would like to receive more details about a certain product, please contact our sales team and we will provide you the corresponding product sheet(s): sales@mepco.nl 

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