Stocklots European Wallpapers

We have agreements with several European Wall Covering manufacturers about their old collections 1st choice quality wallpapers, which are considered by the factory as stocklot products.
However the wallpapers are considered as "Stocklots" product by them, it is still 1st choice quality.

That means: original packaging, no misprints and no change of colour (from the same batch).
For instance, you can purchase the same box with 12 rolls wallpaper which could be sold as regular product a couple of weeks earlier.

We separate our wallpapers in two different categories:

  • The home decor wallpapers category is the wall covering which you can find in every home improvement / construction store. These wallpapers are the old collections of the factories, therefore they can be offered for much lower prices as regular products.
    We sell these wallpapers per roll, the minimum order quantity is per sea freight container, 20ft or 40ft HC.
  • The contract wallpapers are produced for industrial buildings like schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.
    Other than the household wallpapers, we sell our contract wallpaper per kilogram.

We receive the Stocklots European wallpapers from several manufacturers with plants in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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Stocklots Home Decor Wallpapers

1st choice quality, old collections wall covering for home decor / consumer market

Interior wall decoration, 1st choice quality (washable material) in original packing with original labels.

From several manufacturers in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium, we receive stock lists with their available designs and corresponding quantities.
These are all well-known luxury wallpaper brands in the middle and high end segment.

We have special terms with these suppliers because we sell their older collections, with a production date of, for example 1 or 2 years ago, to markets outside Europe.

  • Each roll has a label with design and batch numbers
  • The most common width is 53 cm
  • The most common material used by our suppliers is with a vinyl surface (expanded or embossed) and a non-woven or paper backing

Please note that we do not do business with brands outside Europe.

Contact our sales team for the latest availability lists

Stocklots Contract Wallpapers

Paper based

From partitioning walls to general refurbishment for projects in industrial buildings.
This material has a scratch resistant surface coating and paper backed.

Textile based

Because this material has highly scratch resistance it is ideal for heavy traffic areas like schools and hospitals.
Product is originally produced with anti-microbial and anti-fungal finish.

Foam / Mousse based

Waterproof vinyl wallpaper for bathrooms. Renovating without long-lasting and expensive activities. Ideal to hide small cracks in walls.
European wallpaper with material that is made of a thick layer of foamed vinyl, with and without non-woven backing.
This material is also used a lot as kitchen wallpaper.

If you would like to receive more details about a certain product, please contact our sales team and we will provide you the corresponding product sheet(s): 

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