Stocklot Special products

Sometimes we receive offers from suppliers for products that are available for only once.
Reasons for these one-time-available Special Stocklot Products are:

  • It is possible that a customized order is cancelled by a client of our supplier
  • Our supplier has overproduced a product due to an incorrect estimation in demand

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Telegram Self-adhesives

Stocklots Decorative Fabrics

An interesting assortment of decorative fabrics for florists, garden centres, packaging industry, handycraft, etc.

Current stock:
- Knitted decorations: 2 tons
- Vlies non-woven decorations: 80 tons
- Jute : 16 tons

Stocklots PVC Protection Tape for Automotive industry

Specifically designed to provide very high performance bonding, fixing and mounting of several parts.
Product is originally produced for the automotive industry but is has many purposes.
This stock is approximately 30 tons.

Stocklots Kraft Packaging paper

Kraft paper rolls are made from 100 percent recycled material and are perfect for home and office movements.
They are also a must-have for retailers who sell fragile products and send them by mail.

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