Stocklot Special products

Sometimes we receive offers from suppliers for products that are available for only once.
Reasons for these one-time-available Special Stocklot Products are:

  • It is possible that a customized order is cancelled by a client of our supplier
  • Our supplier has overproduced a product due to an incorrect estimation in demand

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Stocklots Stretch Foil

Common usage: Food Industry, Sealing pallets, etc.
Micron: Mostly between 11.2 and 11.8
Width: 400, 450 and 990 mm
Origin: Germany, USA and Canada
Current stock: 22.000 KG

Stocklots Headliner Fabrics

Common usage: This fabric is produced as car or bus headliner fabric.
Material: 100% polyester.
Width: Mostly between 150 and 175 cm.
Length: Mostly around 1.000 meters per roll.
Origin: Germany.
Loading: Approximately 14.000 KG per 40ft HC container

Stocklots Home Decor Fabrics

Common usage: Home Textile Upholstery for: Sofa, Chair, Curtain, Bedding, etc.
Material: Mix of polyester, cotton, velvet, etc.
Width: Mostly between 140 and 150 cm.
Length: Mostly between 10 and 50 running meters.
Origin: European Union
Loading: Approximately 18.000 KG per 40ft HC container

Stocklots Interlining for Upholstery

Common usage: This material can be used for sofa and chair interlining, mattress dust interlining, bag interlining.
Colors: Available in black and white colour.
Material: Polyester Fabrics
Width: Mostly between 140 and 150 cm.
Length: Mixed
Origin: European Union
Loading: Approximately 9.500 KG per 40ft HC container

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