About us


Although Mepco is founded in 2003, the roots of Mepco date back over 50 years ago. In this period the late Mr. Jan Janssen, father of the current owner and director Rik Janssen, started to do business in the Middle East. Business relations from that period, are still intact. For example the Family’s Ayoub and Hamod, from Syria are well-respected relations for over 40 and 48 years.

Mepco B.V.

Mepco is now a fast growing trading organization that houses decades of experience in the export of European stock products to foreign markets. We provide customers in over 30 different countries with a wide range of products. We are mostly active in the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and India. We are continuously searching for new markets and we are now trying to access markets like Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries.

All of our products have a use of their own. But we are constantly searching for new, innovative, ways to use our products. By doing this we give, seemingly, useless products a new life and we give our customers new opportunities. We maintain a high level of service and maintain close and personal contact with both our suppliers and customers. We therefore have built an extensive and stable network that is still expanding every day. Besides years of experience in the marketing of our products our logistics department houses years of experience in the distribution of our products. We can ship your goods to any given place in the world.

During the last years, we at Mepco have experienced constant growth and we have managed to double our annual turnover in the past three years. We have explored new markets, expanded our product range, welcomed new customers and took full control of our export documentation process. Every day we receive inquiries from new potential customers and we are planning to double our annual turnover again within the next 4 years.