Other stocklot products

Different industries work closely together, so connections are made easily. Although we are not really specialized in some categories, we come across nice opportunities. For example, we receive different types of paper from manufacturers in self-adhesive products because they use this as a release liner.

Stocklots silicone paper

This silicone paper is suitable for packaging and as a release paper for self-adhesive material. Various materials in a mix:

-  One sided silicone, other side paper

-  Double sided silicone

-  Double sided silicone, one side printed

Stocklots acrylic paper

Acrylic paper jumbo rolls. The material is one time used in production of rubber sheets. There are two types, with a smooth surface and with a relief surface.

Stocklots PVC Velvet

This material has many purposes, but was originally made for the production of luxury gift boxes. The material can get the desired shape through thermoforming.

If you would like to receive more details about a certain product, please contact our sales team and we will provide you the corresponding product sheet(s): sales@mepco.nl